3 Deck Electric Bakery Oven | Commercial Bread Bakery Equipment

commercial deck oven

The electric bakery oven is designed for baking various breads and cookies in restaurants, plants, bakery shops, families, and others. It is suitable for baking large quantities of bread and can be customized as per the specifications required by the customer. And there is a wide range of ovens to feed quality preferred customers. The bread and cookies produced by this bakery equipment are tasty and sweet.

A brief introduction to electric bakery oven

This bread bakery oven uses gas or electricity to heat food. The heating temperature can reach 400℃. And it has different capacities, including 3 decks, 2 decks, double 3 decks, or more. Customers could buy machines of a specific output according to their demands. Besides, there is an intelligent control system, which could set the baking time, baking temperature, and another index.

3 Deck electric bakery oven Working Principle

Machine details of electric bakery oven
machine details of Electric Bakery Oven

The 3 deck bakery oven realizes the heating and baking of pizza from the outside through heat radiation and heat transfer. There are upper heating and lower heating. The upper heating is air heating, which has low thermal efficiency. The lower fire has a strong ability to maintain temperature.
It is inseparable from the operation and control of professional and technical personnel, but in the process of taking care of the oven, it is necessary to avoid frequent opening and closing of the oven.

Application of commercial gas bread bakery equipment

The electric bakery oven could be applied to baking bread, buns, cakes and cookies, biscuits, pizza, and muffins.

Unlike the rotary rack oven for large pastry food plant use, this commercial gas bread bakery equipment is suitable for bakery shops, pizza restaurants, and home use.

Finished products of bread bakery equipment
finished products of Bread Bakery Equipment

Single 3 deck baking oven Parameter

  • Capacity:10kg/tray, 40kg/deck, 120kg/h (single 3 deck baking oven)
  • Heating power: gas, electricity
  • Size of trays: 40*60cm

Note: there are also 2 decks, double 3 decks. And other capacities can be customized.

Deck baking oven Spotlights

  • Intelligent control

The deck baking oven has a PLC control panel, and the temperature of different decks can be set separately. So it can bake different foods at one time.

  • Stainless steel body

The stainless steel material could retain the flavor of bakery food.

3 deck electric bakery oven
3 Deck Electric Bakery Oven
  • Heating fast, 10 minutes up to 200 degrees

This electric bakery oven could heat to 200 ℃ in a short time, saving work time and improving efficiency.

  • Good heat preservation

The oven has a great closed design, which can maintain the temperature of the oven and reduce electric power consumption.