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Lumpia Wrapper Processing Line

Spring roll production line can process lumpia wrapper and other food. The machine has a high degree of automation, automatic temperature control, and good sanitary conditions, which opens up a new way for traditional food processing with modern methods. The pastry food produced by this processing plant can be fried and eaten at restaurants, bakery shops, and homes. The spring rolls are crispy and tasty.

Continuous spring roll making machine introduction

Working flow of commercial spring roll production line equipment
working flow of Commercial Spring Roll Production Line equipment

The continuous spring roll production line includes feeding flour paste, heating lumpia wrapper, cooling spring roll sheet, stuffing the wrapper, folding the sheet, and finishing spring roll making. The production line could produce 1000 pieces to 6000 pieces of spring roll per hour. And customers could customize a processing plant.

  • Machine material

The large automatic spring roll making machine is mainly made of 304 stainless steel. The molding part is aluminum alloy.

  • Heat method

The production line can heat through electricity and gas.

  • Product details

The folding part should match with an air compressor. The processing speed and the size of the spring roll can adjust.

Mostly, the spring roll sheet is in an irregular shape to make the folding more convenient.

Picture of shipment
picture of shipment

Working principle and workflow of commercial spring roll production line equipment

Prepare the flour paste according to the requirements of the production process. After the batter is heated and baked by the round baking wheel, it becomes a custom-shaped spring roll wrapper with a fixed thickness.

Lumpia products
lumpia products

Working process of spring roll production line

Feeding-spraying & baking-cooling-cutting-stuffing-folding-rolling.

  1. Put the prepared flour paste into the pulp bucket and heat the roasting wheel to 90°C.
  2. Start the batter pump to send the batter to the baking mold. The shape can be customized according to customer requirements.
  3. The baking wheel rotates and matures the batter.
  4. Separate the spring roll wrappers onto the wrapping conveyor belt with a shoveling knife.
  5. When the spring roll wrappers pass the exit of the stuffing machine, the stuffing machine will distribute the filling evenly (the number of filling grams can be adjusted) on each spring roll wrapper.
  6. In the post-combination part, fold the fillings with spring roll wrappers.
  7. Finally, the spring rolls are formed. At last spring rolls fall directly onto the cooling conveyor belt.
  8. At this time, the spring rolls can be manually sorted into the packaging box and put into refrigeration, or they can be directly fried in the fryer.
Size of spring roll
size of spring roll

How to cook delicious spring roll pastry?

The spring roll wrapping machine can make spring rolls, Vietnamese egg rolls, crepes, samosa, lumpia, etc. And many kinds of fruits and vegetables can be filled into the spring roll.

Spring roll making machine application
spring roll making machine application

Spring roll making machine specifications

conveyor belt5000×600×1400 4003
feeding and heating1700×700×2400130040
stuffing part700×600×1300 1200.5
 200L flour paste mixer2000×600×10003003
flour paste pump800×250×350701.5
cooling belt2500×700×9001500.75
electric control box600×450×10001202
spraying pump650×350×11001001.1

Spring roll sheet making production line length: 7.5m

The machine can be customized based on your requirement.

Spring roll production line
spring roll production line

Advantages of spring roll production line

  • High-quality and renowned machine parts

Using international brands to ensure quality.

  • High-safety

The electricity wire is protected through the tube.

  • Energy-saving

Heat conduct to the surface of drum efficiency.

  • Easy to operate

Workers control the spring roll wrapper machine with a PLC control panel.

  • Multiple shapes of spring roll

Round and flat.

  • Wide application
Finished products of lumpia
finished products of lumpia

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Video of Spring Roll Production Line