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    tapioca pearl boba ball

    Tapioca Pearl | Boba Ball

    Tapioca pearl, also called boba ball, is a kind of dessert. The main ingredients are starch balls with a diameter of 5-10 mm, which are made by mixing condensed ingredients.

    Vietnamese spring roll

    Vietnamese spring roll

    Vietnamese spring roll is a folk snack. They are wrapped in transparent and flexible Vietnamese rice paper with various fillings of seafood.

    spring roll lumpia

    Spring roll | Lumpia

    Spring rolls are a popular traditional snack in China. They are fried foods with thin dough and various fillings.

    Indian naan bread

    Indian Naan Bread

    Naan bread is a kind of famous delicious pastry food, which can be a round shape, hemispherical shape, or a long dough.

    Arabic pita bread

    Arabic Pita Bread

    Pita bread, also known as Arabic thin bread or pocket bread, is around pocket-shaped pasta. widely popular in Turkey, Arabian Peninsula.

    chin chin snack

    Chin Chin Snack

    Chin Chin is a fried snack that is very popular in Western Africa, especially in Nigeria. Usually, chin chin is square, but some people make them rectangular, round, or other shapes.

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