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22 Peking Duck pancake

Peking Duck pancake is a delicious snack. Take the roast duck meat and set it aside. Wash the green onions and green garlic, cut into long slices and drain. Place green onion slices, green garlic slices, and roast duck slices in the lower part of the roast duck pie crust in sequence, and pour some special roast duck sauce according to personal preference, then roll the pie crust.

Roast Pecking Duck pancake Recipe

With 10 kg flour as an example

  1. Add 8 kg of warm water. It could fine adjust according to the actual situation.
  2. Add 10 kg of flour, 25 g of xanthan gum, 15 g of gluten, 3 taels of salad oil.
  3. The temperature of baking Madarian pancake should not be high. The upper plate is 110 to 120 degrees, the lower plate is 110 degrees.
  4. If customers don’t make Pecking Duck pancakes with flowers, they don’t need to turn on the temperature on the upper baking plate.

Contact a technician if you need to fine-tune the chapati making machine.

How do you steam Chinese pancake for Peking Duck?

Automatic peking duck pancake machine
automatic Peking Duck pancake machine

According to the cake recipe and technology of our factory, the quantitative water, noodles, improver, salad oil, and other ingredients are fully stirred with a mixer. There is a sequence of additions, and the specific will be taught by the technician on-site.

The mixed dough is poured into the machine bucket, and the machine cake making parameters, cake making speed, size, pressure value, and temperature are set. After the temperature reaches the set temperature, the cake can be made automatically.

The machine can automatically divide and cut into the dough, press into shape, automatically mature, and transport it to the outlet of the cake through the three-layer cake rack. The pancakes have a small amount of residual heat, so it is recommended to stack them to cool thoroughly. The cold wrappers can be packaged into bags.

The packaging bag can be made of general plastic bags, self-adhesive sealed bags, or vacuum guaranteed. The packaged pie is frozen at -18°C and has a shelf life of 90 days. The method of reheating food: After natural thawing, microwave oven heating, steaming, frying, and heating.

Final Pecking Duck wrapper

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