Multi-function Commercial Dough Mixer | Dough Kneading Machine

dough mixer machine

The dough mixer machine could make the dough, and mix liquid, and pastries with three different stirrers. The dough mixed by this machine could produce chapati, cupcake, and other pastries. This dough kneading machine is automatic and intelligent to operate. And customers could choose the machine with the capacity that they need. Most times, this machine is used in pastry production lines, restaurants, and bakeries.

Introduction of multi-function commercial dough mixer

This dough kneader machine is mainly composed of a splatter shield, hook beater, stainless steel mixing bowl, anti-slip base, control system, and mixer head. The capacity of this mixer is between 22L to 300L. Usually, it takes 10 minutes to finish a bowl of dough. But the mixing speed and time could adjust according to customers’ needs. All the parts touching with dough are made of stainless steel tally with standards.

Machine structure
machine structure

This machine includes three types of stirrers: dough hook, egg whisk, and mixing beater. The dough hook could knead bread dough, and pizza dough.

And the egg whisk could whisk egg whites, whip cream, fat-free biscuits, and meringues.

The flat beater could make cakes, biscuits, pastries, frost, mix salad, cookie dough, and mashed potatoes.

Machine using
machine using

And we could provide all three accessories.

Features of dough kneading machine

  • Powerful motor
  • Anti-slip suction feet
Machine details
machine details
  • Spped and time control
  • Large bowl capacity
  • Food safe stainless steel

Installation of dough mixer

  1. Place the dough mixer on the horizontal floor, and the environment should keep in the suitable temperature. Check the power supply corresponds to that the machine requires and whether the wires are connected properly.

Warning: The dough kneader machine must be put on earth properly!

2. After being checked by a full-time electrician, turn on the power switch on the right side of the dough mixer, and the indicator lamp is on. Start the machine at low speed and the rotation direction must be consistent with that shown on the bowl. Or else shut off the power and change either of the power wires.

3. Raise the safe cover, the machine will be stopped working. If you want to start the machine, must lay down the safe cover at its original position and depress the start button.

4. Raise the safe-cover, put suitable flout into the bowl every. Not permit put more flour than what was determined maximum.

5. Fill the bowl with water whose weight is 45%~50% of the required flour.

6. Put down with the safety cover and start the dough mixer.

Dough kneader machine
dough kneader machine

7. When you want to control the machine by timer, firstly set the time, then turn on the timer switch to make it work.

8. When the dough has been kneaded (probably for 8 minutes), please push the stop button so that the machine can stop working. Then open the safe-cover and take out the dough.

9. During working, putting hands or hand something into the bowl is FORBIDDEN. And grabbing dough with hands is dangerous.

10. During the dough mixer is working, Forbidden to clean, oil, or lubricate the machine.

Operation Video of Dough kneading machine

Advice about using the machine

  1. Before operating must read instruction carefully!

2. After use every time, clean the machine carefully, make sure to keep the machine clear, and fill lubricate oil into the lubricating points.

3. Do not start the dough mixer repeatedly. In order to prolong the machine, service lifetime, the time of continuous running can’t be too long.

4. Lubricate the chains and main moving parts about once every six months.

5. Check the tension of the belts and chains about once every six months.

6. Check the electric circuit about once a year.

7. Forbid washing machine with pipe!

Dough kneading machine
dough kneading machine

Dough mixing machine maintenance

All maintenance works should be carried out after having unplugged.

During service and maintenance, the motor and parts should be dismounted gradually.

And it should clean the machine and lubricate the chains and bearings regularly.

Problems Solving about operating the stand mixer for bread

  1. The machine can not start
  • Electric connectors are loose.
  • The safe-cover is not close.

2. Safety switch can’t work

  • Open the cover, and check if press-place of safety switch connecting is loose.
  • Check the electric circuit of safety switch.

3. The temperature of the machine is too high

  • Working time is too long.
  • Check if the supply voltage is lacking.
  • Over load, or machine running is wrong.

4. Low efficiency

  • Something wrong with the dough mixer.
  • The transmission parts are worn off.
  • It has something wrong with the floor.
  • The belt and chains loosen. The belt and chains must be tightened or replaced.