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    chin chin

    What is a Chin Chin?

    Chin chin is a fried snack snack that is very popular in western Africa, especially in Nigeria. Usually, chin chin is square, but some people

    bakery dough divider rounder machine

    Dough Divider Machine for Sale

    Many people wonder what a dough divider rounder is. Generally speaking, automatic dough dividers are machines used in bakeries. It is a machine that uses

    3 deck electric bakery oven

    How to Choose a Commercial Bread Oven?

    For any restaurant, bakery, or cafeteria that needs baked goods, finding the best commercial bread oven is crucial.The commercial bakery oven you choose must be

    Tortilla Making Machine Nigeria

    Tortilla Making Machine delivered to Nigeria

    The tortilla making machine can make multiple pancakes, chapati bread, egg rolls, tortillas, and others. And the machine combines dough cutting, tortilla bread forming and baking, cooling functions.

    features of a commercial cupcake filling machine

    What are the features of a commercial cupcake filling machine?

    A commercial cupcake filling machine could process sweet cakes and delicious biscuits. There is an automatic cupcake injector and semi-automatic sponge cake batter depositor. The sweet food produced by this machine needs to bake in a rotary bakery oven and can be edible.

    automatic Peking Duck pancake machine

    Automatic chapati making machine price

    This automatic chapati making machine could produce tortilla bread, roti, chapati, and other pastry food. It has a large capacity and could produce high-quality chapati pancakes.

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