10kg Dough Mixer Price in Nigeria

dough mixer machine

Do you want to have an efficient and innovative 10kg dough mixer to make your kitchen work easier and faster? Do you want to create a variety of delicious bread and other food products to make your customers happy? If so, then the TZ-10 is the perfect choice for you. The TZ-10 is a versatile and intelligent 10kg dough mixer that adapts to different dough types and needs, allowing you to mix, knead, fermentation, and bake more easily.

How to use dough maker machine
how to use dough maker machine

How much does a dough mixer cost?

Many people want to know the dough maker machine price. I would like to say that the price of a commercial dough kneading machine depends on many factors, such as the output, the material of the machine, the shipping cost, and the quantity. So, if you want to know the price of the machine, please tell us the production capacity and country you want. Then our sales will send you a detailed quote.

What are the functions of the TZ 10kg dough mixer?

  • First of all, it has multiple mixing modes and timer function, which allows you to adjust the mixing speed and time according to different recipes and tastes. Whether it’s soft or hard dough, sweet or savory bread, the TZ-10 dough machine can help you do it all easily.
  • Secondly, the smart control button of the 10 kg dough mixer allows you to easily control the operation of the whole machine.
  • In addition, a variety of dough machines are available in capacities from 22L to 300L. Customers can choose a high-quality dough kneader according to their needs
  • Finally, TZ dough machine will adjust the mixing strength according to the dough fermentation level and stop mixing and maintain the temperature at the right time.
10kg dough mixer machine details
10kg dough mixer machine details


In conclusion, the TZ-10 is an efficient and innovative 10 kg dough mixer that will help you improve the efficiency and quality of your kitchen, and save time and money. Whether you are a professional baker or a hobbyist, you will feel the convenience and fun you get after using TZ-10. So if you need this machine, please feel free to contact Taizy pastry machinery.