Automatic Cupcake Filling Machine | Cupcake Batter Depositor

automatic cupcake filling machine

An automatic cupcake filling machine can produce the cake and other biscuits. It often matches with a dough mixer and a baking oven to form a cupcake production line. And the cakes produced by this filler machine are soft and sweet, mouthwatering, and tasty.

Customers could choose the automatic type machine or mechanical model, and the tray modes can be tailor-made.

Operation Video of cupcake batter depositor

cupcake filling machine

Cupcake batter depositor structure

The cupcake batter filling machine is used to make cupcakes, cookies, biscuits, and others. The machine consists of a hopper, depositor nozzles, trays, and a PLC control panel. It is all made with stainless steel. There are automatic and semi-automatic types.

We provide different molds of depositor nozzles and trays for customers to choose from. The depositor nozzles could be made with plastic or copper. The PLC control system could adjust the batter filling time, shape, and other indexes.

Automatic cupcake filling machine

The main feature of the automatic cupcake filling machine is the PLC control panel. It could set the filling time gap, working modes, material distance, and others. There are automatic working modes and manual operation modes. For the latter mode, workers could touch the screen to stop and begin filling a cup.

Automatic cupcake filling machine
automatic cupcake filling machine

While for the former one, the machine could work to fill a tray continuously. And when the indicator lights are green, the machine is working normally. But when any indicator light turns red, there are some problems. Workers should stop operation and check the machine.

The size of the tray for cupcakes is 400*600mm, if you need another size for the tray, we can also customize the size of the tray for you. In addition, we can also customize molds, cake styles, diameters, and depths according to your needs.

Baking trays and moulds
baking trays and moulds

Semi-automatic cupcake filler

This semi-automatic cake batter depositor has no PLC screen. It has mechanical handles to adjust the height of the feeding hopper and chain to keep the conveyor belt running.

The machine also has multiple modes of trays for choice, including rectangular, square, circle, pentagram, and others. The trays, made with Teflon non-stick pan material, could be directly placed into a roasting oven for baking and customers could customize the amounts and size of trays.

Semi-automatic cupcake filler
semi-automatic cupcake filler

Technical Parameter

  • Model: SL-600
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 1.2KW
  • Capacity: 120-240KG/H
  • Wight: 380KG
  • Size: 1700*1100*1400mm
  • Volume: 60L
Automatic cupcake making machine
automatic cupcake making machine

Advantages of cupcake batter filling machine

  1. PLC intelligent touch screen control
  2. Various modes for cupcake
  3. Non-stick pan trays
  4. Automatic model, easy to operate
  5. Stainless steel material, healthy and safety
  6. Cake gluing nozzles, cake patterns, and tray sizes can be customized.
  7. We can equip our customers with an oil spraying device to prevent the cake from sticking to the baking pan.
Cup cake filling machine
cup cake filling machine

Final Products

Final products
final products