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automatic chapati maker

This automatic chapati making machine is mainly used to process chapati pancake, tortilla, roti, Pecking Duck pancake, and others. There are small and large tortilla making machines. It often matches with an atta kneader to make dough. Customers could also equip it with a packaging machine. And the produced chapati could eat directly or packaged into bags and refrigerate for some time. This chapati maker has high efficiency, easy operation, and low cost.

Introduction of Chapati Pancake

Pancake is made with unleavened flour and made into a soft dough, which is rolled with a rolling pin into a circle with a thickness of about 1 mm and a diameter of about 30 cm. Bake them in a pancake pan. The pancake is also divided into two types: chapati pancake and Peking Duck pancake.

Chapati pancake
chapati pancake

The former bake in an oil-free pan. It is characterized by a dry texture, too chewy, easy to store, and can be made into a vegetable pancake.

The second one is steamed in a pot and can be eaten with Beijing roast duck. Its characteristic is that it directly steams with water, is soft and tender, with high moisture content, and is relatively thin.

Large Chapati Making Machine

The large chapati making machine can produce a great number of roti pancakes. It is composed of a dough feeder, PLC control panel, presser, baking system, and cooling system. 

Large wheat flour tortilla machine
large wheat flour tortilla machine

Firstly, workers need to pour specific wheat flour, water, and other raw materials into a dough kneader and make great dough. Secondly, put the large dough into the feeding hopper. The machine will cut it into small doughs. The cutting parts need to match with an air compressor. Thirdly, the small dough will be conveyed to the pressing roasting part. Workers could adjust the baking time, temperature, pancake diameter, and others in the PLC control panel. Inside the upper pressing plate and the lower plate are heating pipes. So the chapati could be heated on both sides.

Fourthly, for this large automatic chapati making machine, there is another baking system to heat the pancake for a second time, to get a better taste. Finally, the roasted chapati will get cooling. At the end of this machine, there will be a flour box to add flour to the surface of chapati to avoid sticking between pancakes after packaging.

Small Chapati Making Machine

The small roti making machine consists of a dough bucket, dough cutting, operation panel, temperature controller, dough flatting, nylon brush, and cooling conveyor belt.

Small chapati making machine
small roti making machine

Most operation details of this small machine are the same as the former large one. And the most difference is that the small roti making machine has no second baking system. And the production capacity is less.

Upper the cooling system, there is a wind machine to reduce the temperature of hot pancakes and customers could add a shell to protect the machine from dust. And for the conveyor belt before cooling, we adopt a double-sided Teflon non-stick net, which could make the chapati have better taste and avoid them from sticking to the surface of the conveyor belt. About the raw materials, we usually adapt wheat flour for it is easy to dough. Customers could also add some cornflour, but not use cornflour completely for it is not easy to form a dough.

Automatic chapati making machine parameter

ModelDiameter rangeCapacityPowerNumber of augersPressure plate sizeWeight

Heating temperature: 110℃-120℃(usually, can be adjusted)

Operation Steps of Wheat Flour Tortilla Machine

The automatic chapati making machine adopts the principle of electric heating cake making. After starting up, it needs to preheat for about 15 minutes to make the temperature reach the set cake making temperature.

Use a dough kneader machine to mix water, wheat flour, and others of the pancake-making formula evenly. Pour it into the feeding hopper of the machine.

Set the specific parameters (size, time, temperature) in the PLC control panel. And the set pancake-making parameters can be saved in the system. There is no need to repeat the setting for the next work.

Press the starting button, and the dough will run along with the machine and be transported to the cutting part. The automatic chapati making machine is equipped with 6 sets of photoelectric systems, which can automatically cut dough, press, and shape, and then roast through the upper and lower baking trays, and finally go through the cooling process.

Pita bread making machine Watch Video

Features of Wheat Flour Tortilla Machine

  • Intelligent Numerical Control System

The chapati maker adopts a PLC control panel, which is simple to operate by one person, saving time and effort. And the machine has low noise, high efficiency, and low energy consumption.

Pita bread making machine structure
pita bread making machine structure
  • Exquisite Structure

The working system of the dough feeding is smooth. No defects would occur, and it is easy to disassemble and clean. The diameter (8-38cm), thickness (0.5-2mm), and speed can adjust freely.

  • Wide Application

Complete hand-made tortilla bread without any other additives. This automatic chapati making machine can be used to make Peking Duck pancake, chapati, roti, multigrain pancake, vegetable pancake, sesame pancake, etc.

Machine maintenance

  • All bearing parts require fueling and maintenance.
  • Before checking the maintenance, please confirm that the power has cut off and the power indicator has turned off, otherwise it may cause electric shock.
  • A total of many bearings need to add lubrication. Remember to add aerosol oil to the gas source processor to lubricate each cylinder, this is very important.
  • Check the automatic chapati making machine once every 2-3 days and keep it on time.
  • Please inspect and maintain according to the method specified in the instruction manual, or replace the parts of the automatic chapati making machine. And do not modify them yourself, otherwise, all consequences will be at your own risk.
Automatic chapati making machine display
automatic chapati making machine display
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