Automatic Rotary Bakery Oven | 36 Trays Rotating Rack Oven

Automatic Rotary Bakery Oven

The automatic rotary bakery oven is the ideal equipment for baking bread, cookies, and cakes. It has a more even baking effect than that of general ovens. And the energy-saving technology in the machine reduces energy consumption.

The airtightness and good heat preservation reduce heat loss. With the effect of a daylight setting, the color of the baking bread can be observed through the glass door. In our pastry machinery, we also have the 3 Deck Electric Bakery Oven for you to make bakery products.

Operation Video of bread rotating rack oven

rotary bread oven

Introduction of automatic rotary bakery oven

The bread rotary baking oven is composed of baking trays, a baking rack, a roasting box, and other parts. It can heat through electricity, gas, and oil. There are multiple models for customers to choose from, including 16 trays baking oven, 32 trays rotary oven, 36 trays, and 64 trays. The capacity of this roasting oven is 50-200kg/h. The baking tray is made of Non-stick pan materials.

Electric bread rotary rack oven structure
electric bread rotary rack oven structure

The oven applies European-style wind circulation for 3 circles, making a more even baking effect. It could keep the humidity on the surface of bakery products. The furnace temperature can automatically be controlled. It has a good insulation effect and reduces heat loss. The heat can be recycled.

Automatic rotary bakery oven
Automatic Rotary Bakery Oven

It is recommended to buy an extra set of frames and pallets, which can reduce rotary bakery oven idle time. So the oven can continue to work and improve efficiency. When the oven is baking, workers could continue to fill the batter into cupcake trays with a cupcake batter depositor. And when the baking finishes, workers can push another baking rack into the oven to roast.

Application of electric bread rotary rack oven

Application of 36 trays rotating rack oven
application of 36 Trays Rotating Rack Oven
  • Bread, toast, baguette, bread stick.
  • Moon cake, pineapple cake, sun biscuit, pie cake, pillow cake, taro cake, jujube cake.
  • Pizza, twisted cookies, filled cookies, Maamoul, fruit pastry, pumpkin pie, crystal bun, cookie, biscuits, etc.

36 trays rotating rack oven parameter

Capacity50kg/h120kg/h 200kg/h
Size of Frame620*460*1385mm810*660*1690mm 810*660*1790mm
Number of trays16tray*1=16tray18tray*2=36tray16tray*4=64tray
Size of Rotary Bakery Oven (Inside/external)1570*1450*1820mm, 870*910*140mm1950*1750*2250mm, 1200*1200*1860mm2600*2300*2300mm, 1730*1730*1860mm
2.5kw/h burner 6-10w (oil consumption 1.5-2kg/h)
Natural gas (3.1-5.7m³/h)
Liquefied gas (1.2-2.3m³/h)
2.5kw/h burner 6-10w (oil consumption 2.5-3kg/h)
Natural gas (3.1-5.7m³/h)
Liquefied gas (1.2-2.3m³/h)
burner 12w (oil consumption 1.5-3kg/h)
Natural gas (6.1-11.5m³/h)
Liquefied gas (2.2-4.3m³/h)
Transmission power2.38-2.5kw/h2.38-2.5kw/h2.5-3kw/h
rotary bakery oven

Heating way: electric, oil, gas (add a burner)

Size of tray: 400*600mm

Layer height: 95mm

Voltage: ~3N380V/50Hz

Temperature: RT-300℃

These are the parameters of our 3 rotary bakery ovens. The output range of the machine is 50-200kg/h. How much output rotary baking oven do you need? If you are interested in this machine, please feel free to contact us.

Rotary bread oven

Features of rotating rack oven

Energy saving

The speed of hot air circulation is adjustable. The three-layer insulation has a total thickness of 135mm, which could keep heat from loss.


During the baking process, if workers open the door, the oven will stop to protect people from harm.


Adopting the principle of focusing, surrounding the temperature flow track. The temperature can quickly rise to 300 degrees in 10 minutes. But the heat-conducting oil oven takes 1 hour to rise to 300 degrees. The temperature range can adjust from 0 to 300 degrees, and the heat energy utilization rate is high. Taking a 20-meter automatic baking line as an example, at least 5.5 tons of bread can be baked in 10 hours.

Multiple usages

Bake bread, cake, pie, biscuits.

Roast Chicken, duck, and other meat.

Coffee beans, walnuts, and other snack foods, and Peanuts.

Agricultural products, vegetables.

Final products of rotary oven
final products of rotary oven

Smart control panel

Bread rotary baking oven control panel
bread rotary baking oven control panel


The rotary bakery oven bakes food in a closed inner container without direct contact with flame. The baked food is even in color, green, and pollution-free. The product has a long shelf life, which meets the national food hygiene standards.

There is a chimney at the top of the oven (a natural exhaust vent), and the flue is completely isolated from the inner liner of the furnace. The soot passes through the dust reduction system of the circulating track outside the inner liner, which will not cause environmental pollution, let alone any damage to the human body.

In the Inspection Report, experts explain, that the concentration of carbon monoxide coming out of the chimney is <0.3%, and no smoke can be seen from the naked eye, and it also meets the air emission standards and the QS standards of food companies.

Convenient and durable

The rotary bakery oven can automatically transport food in a streamlined manner, which is easy to operate. The baking oven is convenient for docking and disassembly, and the rotary bakery oven can add or reduce at will to increase or decrease the output of food.

There are universal and directional wheels at the bottom, which is convenient for moving the production position. This product has a long service life.

Rotary oven for sale
rotary oven for sale

After-sale service of rotary bakery oven

This rotary bakery oven has a 1-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance. If you purchase an automatic baking line, our company will send technicians to install debug, and bake qualified food for free.

The products can be customized according to the size of the user’s requirements. The consignment can be handled by an agent. The baking technology of various foods can be presented free of charge.

Note: The temperature of the oven is uniform, and it can rise to the required temperature in less than 10 minutes. The upper and lower exhaust and air inlets are closed to maintain a constant temperature. The upper and lower fires of the oven can adjust at will to bake a variety of bread with different heat and temperature requirements.

Shipment picture
shipment picture