Chin Chin Machine Sold to Nigeria

chin chin snack plant

Chin chin machine is specially used to make chin chin snacks. In October 2021, Nigerian customers bought from our company such machines as the chin chin cutter, the Dough flatter machine, and the chin chin frying machine. In November 2021, we arranged shipment for customers.

Chin chin
chin chin

The process of customers buying chin chin machines

Receive inquiry

In June 2021, we received an email from customers. The customer said in the email that he wanted to chin chin production line and wanted us to send him a quotation.

Communication process

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, Laura, the salesperson, contacted the customer. According to the customer, he has a company specializing in selling roasting equipment. Recently, he wants to engage in the production and sales of chin chin snacks. After learning the customer’s needs, laura sent the working video and pictures of the chin chin machine to the customer.

After nearly one month of communication, the customer decided to buy a chin chin cutting machine, a dough press, and a chin chin fryer. Because customers often buy machines from China, our communication with customers is very smooth. After determining the voltage and the size of the chin chin, the customer paid us a deposit. (The voltage is 380V, and the size of the parent is 8mm).

Customer feedback

In December 2021, the customer received the chin chin machine and put it into production. After a period of use, the customer is very satisfied with the effect and quality of the machine. In May 2022, the customer again ordered 5 dough presses from our company.

Chin chin machine
chin chin machine

Why do customers choose our chin chin machine?

  1. Timely reply. After receiving the customer’s email, our salesperson Laura contacted the customer in time. In addition, in the subsequent communication process, we also responded to the customer’s message in a timely manner.
  2. Reasonable suggestions. When the customer thought that the machine was expensive, we recommended the semi automatic chin chin equipment to the customer. The semi automatic machine will not affect the production effect
  3. Fast delivery. After receiving the customer’s deposit, we arranged the delivery for the customer.