The Price of Injera Making Machine

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When delving into the realm of Injera production, the price of a dedicated Injera making machine becomes a pivotal consideration. Taizy Pastry Machinery offers a popular Injera maker machine, the TZ-3620, boasting impressive specifications tailored for efficient and quality production.

Injera making machine
injera making machine

Exploring the Specifications of the TZ-3620 Injera Making Machine

Model TZ-3620

The TZ-3620 model by Taizy Pastry Machinery is designed to accommodate a substantial production capacity, ranging from 800 to 1000pcs/h. Its efficiency in creating round-shaped Injera adds to its appeal.

Size and Dimensions

With dimensions measuring 1800x660x890mm, the TZ-3620 machine is crafted to fit within a suitable workspace. Its compact design ensures practicality without compromising on performance.

Injera Parameters

This machine is equipped to handle a range of Injera sizes, accommodating diameters between 10 to 25cm. The diameter of its heat roller, measuring 400*280mm, complements the Injera-making process, contributing to uniform heat distribution.

Sheet Thickness and Power Capacity

With the capability to handle sheet thicknesses between 0.3 to 1.2mm, the TZ-3620 provides versatility in Injera production. Its cutting power of 1kw ensures swift and precise operations.

Taizy injera maker machine for sale
taizy injera maker machine for sale

Factors Influencing Injera Making Machine Prices

Capacity and Performance

The production capacity and efficiency of a fully automatic Injera making machine often correlate with its price. Models like the TZ-3620, offering a high output of 800-1000pcs/h, tend to have competitive price points due to their enhanced capabilities.

Features and Customizations

Advanced features, such as the ability to handle different Injera sizes, varying sheet thicknesses, and specific cutting power, may influence the overall cost. Machines like the TZ-3620, with diverse functionalities, cater to specific production needs, affecting their pricing.

Brand Reputation and Reliability

Brand reputation plays a significant role in pricing. Taizy Pastry Machinery’s standing in delivering quality machines with standardized specifications, including the TZ-3620, often justifies their pricing.

Finished products
finished products

Contact Taizy for Fully Automatic Injera Making Machines

For those seeking a reliable and efficient China Injera making machine like the TZ-3620, Taizy Pastry Machinery stands as a viable solution. Our commitment to quality and performance ensures that your Injera production needs are met. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss pricing and further details regarding the TZ-3620 or any other Injera maker machines.

Understanding the factors influencing the price of an Injera making machine, such as capacity, features, and brand reliability, is crucial in making an informed decision. Taizy Pastry Machinery, with its acclaimed TZ-3620 model, offers a compelling option for businesses seeking efficient Injera production solutions.

If you’re interested in exploring the TZ-3620 Injera making machine or any other related equipment, Taizy Pastry Machinery is ready to assist you in acquiring the ideal machine for your specific requirements.