What is Dough Divider Rounder?


Dough divider rounder, also known as dough divider machine, is a kind of automatic dough dividing and kneading machine. The traditional way to produce noodles is to knead noodles by yourself. That is, it takes time and effort and is inefficient. The face machine has the characteristics of a simple structure and convenient operation. It can make a large number of face preparations in a short time.

Introduction to dough divider rounder

  1. The dough divider rounder is made of nonstick material. The machine can simulate kneading with both hands, making the dough sinewy.
  2. Replaceable molds: Replaceable abrasive tools can meet various requirements of dough size and shape.
  3. The cutter is made of durable and wear-resistant materials. It has the characteristics of rust prevention and uniform cutting.
  4. The control panel is easy to operate and learn, and the machine switch is controlled by one key. The working speed can be adjusted at any time.
  5. The dough divider machine body is made of stainless steel, which is free of rust, corrosion, safety, and health.
Dough divider rounder
dough divider rounder

Advantages of dough bun divider

  1. Simple and convenient operation, and automatic segmentation, greatly improve production efficiency.
  2. The segmentation is uniform, avoiding the problem of uneven manual segmentation.
  3. Stainless steel split pressing plate, which meets the sanitary standard, is easy to clean and durable.
  4. It is widely used. The noodle dispenser is widely used in hotels, noodle shops, canteens, food processing plants, bakeries, and other places.
    How to use the dough divider machine?
  5. First, divide the dough into proper sizes. Then put it into the hopper. Then open the cutting., Then turn on the face feeding switch.
  6. Fill the flour spreader with enough flour to ensure uninterrupted flour spreading.
  7. When the dough divider rounder starts to work normally, be careful not to stretch your hand into the feeding port.