Where to Buy Lumpia Wrapper Machine?

spring roll sheet machine

Generally speaking, we can buy lumpia wrapper machine in many places. Here are some places you can find them.

Taizy lumpia wrapper machine for sale
taizy lumpia wrapper machine for sale

Manufacturer’s website

You can buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. Generally, a manufacturer with a website will own a specific factory. Therefore, the price and quality of the machine are also guaranteed.

Online marketplaces

Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, etc. usually have a wide selection of spring roll wrapping machine available for purchase. You can choose the right machine from them.

Restaurant supply stores

Many restaurant supply stores carry lumpia-making machines.

Specialty Equipment Retailers

Some retailers specialize in selling equipment for preparing certain types of food. You may be able to find a automatic lumpia wrapper machine at one of these stores.

Local Asian Markets

Some local Asian markets may be equipped with the spring roll making machine.

If you’re looking to buy a high-quality spring roll wrapper machine, you’ll need to do your research and compare the prices and features of the machines before you buy. This ensures you can get the right machine.

Spring roll production line
spring roll production line

Price of spring roll wrapper machine

According to the data on the Internet, the price of the lumpia wrapper machine is between 1500-5500 USD. Because the price of spring roll wrapper machine will be affected by factors such as manufacturer, model, function and country of origin. Therefore, if you want to know the price of the specific machine, please confirm the information with the spring roll making machine manufacturer first.