Differences Between Domestic Oven and Big Oven for Bakery

Automatic Rotary Bakery Oven

Many people want to know the difference between big oven for bakery and domestic ovens. In this article, we will introduce the differences between big oven for bakery and domestic ovens in detail.

What are the differences between a big oven for bakery and a home oven?

  1. Oven size: generally, the capacity of household ovens does not need to be too large. There are many models of household electric ovens on the market. It can be as small as 10L and as large as 40L. These ovens can meet the needs of different families.
  2. The temperature of the oven: generally, the temperature of the domestic oven is basically stable and uniform due to its small volume. Rotary ovens have strict requirements for the stability and uniformity of temperature. And different commercial applications require different temperature ranges.
  3. Oven power: the power of big oven for bakery is much greater than that of domestic ovens. Generally, the electricity meter at home cannot meet the requirements. Moreover, the household does not need a high-power commercial rotary oven.
Home electrical food cooking oven
home electrical food cooking oven

How to choose the best commercial rotary ovens?


As the power supply in different regions is different, the voltage value obtained is certainly different. If the voltage required by the oven is too high, and the voltage in this area can not meet this requirement. then the oven will not be used. The power of an electric rotary oven is generally between 500 ~ 1200W, and ordinary electricity can meet the supply.

Oven component

Rotary bakery oven components are mainly considered in the selection of pipe layout and layer frame. Pipe laying can be divided into straight pipe, U-shaped pipe, M-shaped pipe, etc. Consumers should try to choose straight pipes when purchasing. The temperature of the connecting parts of U-shaped or M-shaped pipes is high, and the box is prone to uneven temperature. The common shelves in the market are three layers, four layers, and five layers. Choosing an oven with more than four layers makes it easier to roast food and make it the most delicious.

Commercial bread oven
commercial bread oven


Mainly check whether the baking paint on the surface of the big oven for bakery is uniform, whether there is peeling off, whether there is serious scratch, etc. Check whether the oven switch is flexible. Whether the box can be closed tightly. Generally, we can observe the food through the bread ovens glass during baking. So the transparency of the glass should also be paid attention to when purchasing.

Structure of big oven for bakery
structure of big oven for bakery

Advantages of Taizy commercial oven

  1. Energy-saving: the hot air circulation speed is adjustable. The total thickness of the three insulation layers is 135mm, which can effectively prevent heat loss.
  2. Safety: during baking, if workers open the door, the oven will stop immediately to protect people from injury.
  3. High efficiency: Taizy’s commercial oven adopts the focusing principle, and the temperature can quickly rise to 300 ℃ within 10 minutes. However, it takes 1 hour for the heat transfer oil oven to rise to 300 ℃. You can adjust the temperature to 0-300 degrees. And the heat energy utilization rate is high. Take a 20-meter automatic baking line as an example, at least 5.5 tons of bread can be baked in 10 hours.
  4. Multiple uses: our big oven for bakery can not only bake desserts such as bread, cake, pie, and biscuit, but also roast chicken, duck, and other meat. You can also bake peanuts, coffee beans, walnuts, and other snack foods.