Chin Chin Snack

chin chin snack

Chin Chin is a fried snack that is very popular in Western Africa, especially in Nigeria. Usually, chin chin is square, but some people make them rectangular, round, or other shapes.

How to make chin chin for sale

Ingredients: flour, sugar, salt, butter, eggs, milk, and vegetable oil.

  1. The first step is to pour flour and sugar (or salt) into a bowl and stir evenly.
  2. Then add the melted butter, eggs, and milk.
  3. Next, knead the mixture of the above materials into a dough, and then cut the dough into pieces of 2 to 3 cm square dough, about 6 mm thick.
  4. Next, pour the vegetable oil into the pot and boil, gently put the cut dough into the oil, and fry until golden brown.
  5. The taste is a bit like oily doughnuts.

How to use chin chin cutting machine

Chin chin cutting machine
chin chin cutting machine

Chin chin cutter machine is the most important in Chin Chin production line. It can make rectangular, round, or square shapes of chin chin bread. Workers need to put the dough sheet into the feeding hopper, and the machine could cut the dough into square chin chin. The final products will discharge from the outlet, and the waste dough will discharge from the other outlet. If customers want to make other shapes of chin chin, they can also customize other modes.

Machine mold
machine mold

Chin chin snack is not only square. Some people like to cut it into triangles or roll it into round balls. In Nigeria, the locals also have an exquisite approach. They cut the dough into strips, then twisted them together and glued them together. This approach is much more complicated than directly making it into a square shape.

The square chin chin is the most common because it is not only easy to make but also convenient to eat. You can see this kind of food in several places. In West Africa, people usually buy this snack at street vendors or open-air markets. In addition, in the US and UK, because there are many immigrants from West Africa, supermarkets will also sell chin chin cakes. It is also a common snack at weddings and parties.

Final products

Chin chin snack c
chin chin snack c