Automatic chapati making machine price

automatic Peking Duck pancake machine

This automatic chapati making machine could produce tortilla bread, roti, chapati, and other pastry food. It has a large capacity and could produce high-quality chapati pancakes. This machine is easy to operate and it could match with a dough kneader to form a chapati production line. Customers could also customize the machine according to their output and other demands.

Introduction of automatic chapati making machine

The capacity of this chapati making machine is 120-700 pieces per hour. And customers could choose a type according to their output or customize a machine. And the machine material is stainless steel 304. It can make pita bread, tortilla, chapati roti, Pecking Duck pancake, vegetable pancake, etc.

Parameter of pita bread making machine

Model L350L450
Power 5kw22kw
Voltage380v, 50Hz/ Customized380v, 50Hz/ Customized
Lavash diameter100-400mm80-400mm
Working temperature150-280℃150-280℃
Over Size3500*800*1400mm4850*800*1450mm
Packing weight100kg650kg
automatic chapati making machine price

Highlights of wheat flour tortilla machine

  • Fully automatic operation

Put the mixed dough into the hopper, and the machine will cut it into small doughs. The process has no need for a manual handle. The temperature and baking time can be set through a PLC control panel. The baked chapati pancake will be cool and put into packages.

Automatic pita bread making machine price
automatic chapati making machine price
  1. Electric adjustable system, low noise, high efficiency, just one person can operate.
  2. Less maintenance, easy to clean.
  3. Adjustable production. Diameter (100-400 mm), thickness (0.3-2mm), speed is adjustable.
  4. Pita bread can be stored for one month at a low temperature.

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