What Are the Characteristics of the Spring Roll Machine?

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The spring roll machine is a machine produced by many food equipment manufacturers. Because the application of spring roll machine is very wide. It can make all kinds of pancakes, such as pretzels, melaleuca cake, lasagna, tortillas, omelettes, roast duck cakes, and other types of pancakes.
Our spring roll wrappers are well planned. We have treated the outside of the griddle with a non-stick coating. Therefore, it has the function of cooking food on both sides of the upper and lower pans. A heating furnace is arranged on the conveyor belt below the blanking material. In this way, by setting the appropriate temperature, the spring roll skin can be preheated during transportation. So that the preheated spring roll wrapper can directly enter the next filling process.

Spring roll machine
Spring Roll Machine

Heating method

  1. Electric heating: this heating method requires three-phase electricity. The temperature controller of the spring roll machine can automatically control the temperature. This temperature control method is accurate and causes little error.
  2. Gas heating: this heating method is applicable to liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas. And this heating method has a low cost. However, it is necessary to manually adjust the gas valve to control the temperature.
Finished products
Finished Products

The main features of the spring roll machine are as follows:

  1. The spring rolls produced by the spring roll maker are crisp and delicious. Common kitchen utensils such as pans and ovens can not make crispy spring rolls. And it can not make spring rolls with a good appearance. However, a spring roll making machine can be easily realized.
  1. Save manpower. The equipment needs fewer workers. As long as one person is skilled, he can make spring rolls continuously. We have not only large-scale machines but also small machines. Small machines occupy a small area, which is also conducive to traders putting them in the car.
  2. The machine produced by the Taizy factory is made of stainless steel and has a long service life. This is not comparable to many other similar products.
  3. Fully automatic. Compared with a manual spring roll machine, this automatic spring roll making machine can be used for mass production. It is suitable for stores, storefronts, hotels, and other occasions. It is a very good helper for entrepreneurs.