Milk Tea Boba Ball Making Machine | Tapioca Pearl Machine

boba pearl making machine

The boba ball making machine could produce tapioca pearl balls, and sweet dumplings without fillings. It can be in a milk tea shop, food plant, and other sweet food processing places. This tapioca pearl machine has the advantages of being high capacity, healthy and clean, and easy to maintain and operate.

The finished rice balls are round and taste good. We will introduce this boba ball maker as a commonly used pastry machine in detail.

Watch the Video of the Tapioca pearl machine

video of boba ball maker

How tapioca pearls are produced?

Put the dough into the hopper

Workers put the kneaded dough into the feeding hopper and add flour into the flour box. We have a multi-function commercial dough mixer for you to make dough.

Prevent sticking

The flour could prevent the dough from sticking in the feeding hopper.

Cutting and rounding

The blade cuts the dough into small ones and rollers press the dough into round tapioca pearl balls.


The finished rice balls are discharged from the outlet and residues from the waste port.

Finished product

The products of this tapioca pearl ball machine could be applied in milk tea stores, restaurants, and others.

Boba ball maker machine structure

The boba ball maker machine is made of a feeding hopper with a dough inlet and a dry flour box, a blade, a motor, rollers, a products outlet, a waste port, a universal wheel, and an intelligent control panel.

Technical parameter of boba pearl making machine

Size780*750*1300mm 1350*900*850mm
Voltage220v/50hz single phase220v/50hz single phase
MaterialTouch food part raw material: 304 stainless steel
Outside raw material: 201 stainless steel
Touch food part raw material:304 stainless steel
Outside raw material:201 stainless steel
boba ball machine parameter

The diameter range of this milk tea boba ball machine is 5-25mm and this index can be customized according to customers’ capacity. The voltage can be adjusted. And the control panel can set the speed and others.

Applicable scenes of milk tea boba ball making machine

  • Ingredients of milk tea
  • Sweet dumplings in a restaurant
  • Rice ball in kitchen
  • Tapioca ball in food factory

The correct way to use the milk tea boba ball machine

  • One boba ball making machine has one diameter, and this can not adjust in operation.
  • Stainless steel material, durable, stable, and efficient operation.
  • Sealed copper motor with powerful power, not easy to damage, and long service life.

First of all, make sure that the dough being mixed is in line with the tapioca pearl machine’s production. The dough should be round, non-stick, suitable hardness. After kneading into a strip, it is not easy to deform when held in the hand. It will not stick to the knife when cutting into strips, rounding, and forming.

Secondly, before starting the boba ball making machine, do not put tapioca starch in the dry powder box of the boba ball making machine, but put glutinous rice flour to prevent the material from slipping and sticking to the blade.

Set the cutting knife speed to around 45HZ when starting up, and use the pressing speed to match the cutting knife speed.

Make the volume of each slice equal to the total volume of all the balls that are rounded into pellets. If the pressing speed is too fast, the rounding into an ellipse or blockage will cause all the materials to be discharged to the waste port. The pressing speed is too slow, and the balls are round or half-filled.

Tapioca pearl machine
Tapioca Pearl Machine

How to clean the tapioca pearl ball machine?

  1. The whole boba ball making machine cannot be cleaned with water, just wipe it with a dry cloth.
  2. After taking out the flour from the dry powder box, use a vacuum cleaner.
  3. If there are lumps on the forming wheel and pressing wheel, use a steel brush to remove them, and then wipe the upper part with a semi-dry damp cloth.
  4. If there are knotted lumps on the cutting knife, wipe clean with a towel.
Machine display
boba ball maker display