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sesame bread stove machine

Sesame bread stove machine could make pita bread, flat bread, sesame seed cake, and other bread. It has changed the shortcomings of low efficiency, easy-to-burn, carbon deposition at the bottom of the cake, and hardening after cooling in the traditional hanging furnace. Through technical improvements for this model pita bread oven, the use of liquefied gas and natural gas or electricity combustion instead of the original charcoal grill has solved the problem of unsanitary carbon wood. The use of inconvenient problems about this pita bread oven, while borrowing from the technology of bread-making and hot-bottom-burning, supplements the infrared furnace with the equipment in the interior of the converter to further enhance the product’s texture, appearance, and capacity.

What is the sesame bread stove machine?

Lebanese pita bread oven machine includes upper fire and lower heating plate. The heating plate is made of Galvanized sheet and other parts are stainless steel. Customers could choose to heat this machine with gas or electricity. And you can also control the heating temperature of the upper part and the lower plate separately, which helps you to reach the best baking effect. And this machine could rotate while baking, so workers could put raw materials conveniently. We could provide multiple capacities of the flat bread baking oven for choice. Customers could also get free bread floating tools as they purchase this stove.

Application of flat bread making machine

Finished products
finished products

Main Parameter of Lebanese pita bread oven machine


Advantages of sesame bread stove machine

  1. Mainly stainless steel structure, never rust, strong and durable.
  2. Totally enclosed the overall high-temperature resistant insulation material structure. Heat preservation performance is good, the heating time is short.
  3. Built-in automatic control temperature probe, efficient baking heat pipes, heating up fast, working life is long.
  4. Surface fire and bottom temperature independent control, snacks for you to build the best baking temperature environment.
Sesame bread stove machine b
sesame bread stove machine b

FAQ about flat bread oven machine

How many burners?


Is it an open flame?


How long does it take to turn on the machine to warm up?

6 minutes

Is there a separate switch for each burner?


Electric heating power consumption?

8kw per hour

What is the gas consumption for gas heating?

1 cubic gas

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