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Chinese donut forming machine

Chinese donut forming machines can automatically produce various fried small dough twists or Mahua snacks. It can be made on-site or sold at home. The efficiency of using a Mahua maker machine to produce twists is 10 times higher than that of human production.

At the same time, some grains can be added when using this Chinese donut forming machine to produce twists, which can not only improve the nutritional value of twists but also reduce the required cost. The twist produced by the fried dough twist machine has a beautiful appearance and crisp taste, which is more ideal than other twist snacks. It is an ideal machine for making twists.

Something about Chinese donut, Mahua

Finished products
finished products

Chinese fried dough twist is a characteristic healthy food in China and a delicious snack of the Han nationality. Twist the two or three strands of dough together and deep-fry them. The twist is golden and eye-catching, sweet and crunchy, sweet but not greasy, fresh in the mouth, leaving fragrance on the cheeks. It is delicious and not greasy. Rich in protein, amino acids, multiple vitamins, and trace elements. The small twist has moderate calories and low fat. It can be enjoyed casually and can be served with wine and tea. It is an ideal snack food.

How to operate the fried dough twist maker?

Fried dough twist maker machine structure
fried dough twist maker machine structure

machine structure of Mahua maker

This dough twist making machine is composed of a control panel, conveyor belt, hydraulic system, cutting tool, and 360-degree universal wheel. The control panel is user-friendly, easy to operate, and can adjust the machine’s working speed. As for the hydraulic system, it has a high working speed and can save time and energy. The cutting tool can cut the dough evenly and the flour will not stick to a knife. As for the universal wheel, it helps the machine move, and save the labor force.

Operation steps of Chinese dough twist maker

Fried dough twist maker
fried dough twist maker
  1. Put the Chinese donut forming machine in a stable place, then connect the power supply of the machine, use a special wrench to put the machine head tightly on the inner gear ring, and fix it in the position that needs to be fixed.
  2. Put the sanitary oil in the oiling hole of the machine, which can better avoid the sticking of twisted strands.
  3. Then turn on the machine’s power supply, put the live material into the set feed opening, and then the twist will come out of the machine.
  4. And we can also replace the movement so that we can produce coarse, fine, multi-strand, and other twists.

Fried dough twist making machine application

Working flow
working flow

Chinese donut forming machine specification

FTMH-2010kg/h220V 0.75kw1250mm*310mm*1000mm
FTMH-15050kg/h380V 5kw 50HZ1500mm*1400mm*2200mm

Features of Mahua maker

Chinese donut forming machine display
Chinese donut forming machine display
  • To achieve the effect of mechanization and mass production of twists, increase the output of twists, and ensure the quality of twists.
  • It is more beautiful and crisper than the handmade twist.
  • The twist shape is more beautiful, and the formed products are more suitable for wholesale and retail.
  • The twist machine is very simple to use. Just put the stored raw materials directly into the machine, and the machine can automatically produce twists, which can be operated without any experience.
  • In addition, consumers who purchase our Chinese donut forming machine will also provide production formulas and machine usage methods to ensure that customers are more flexible and convenient when using manual folding twist machines.

In addition to the Chinese donut forming machine, our company also has a variety of pasta machines, such as the Electric Bakery Oven and Chin Chin Production Line. If you need, please feel free to contact us.