What are the features of a commercial cupcake filling machine?

features of a commercial cupcake filling machine

A commercial cupcake filling machine could process sweet cakes and delicious biscuits. There is an automatic cupcake injector and semi-automatic sponge cake batter depositor. The sweet food produced by this machine needs to bake in a rotary bakery oven and can be edible.

Machine characteristics of commercial cupcake filling machine

The cupcake injector can be completely clean and not waste a little slurry.

The machine operation is stable.

The biscuit depositor can be customized according to customer requirements.

The electronic control system makes the spraying more precise.

This commercial cupcake filling machine can be equipped with production line operation or stand-alone.

The cupcake batter depositor machine adopts a multi-head pneumatic single or double row suction pipe greatly improves production efficiency.

The customer can set the perfusion time and the amount of withdrawal time to suit your output.

This cupcake filler has a compact structure, centralized function, simple operation.

Commercial cupcake filling machine details
commercial cupcake filling machine details

Wide application of industrial cupcake injecting machine

Sponge cake, cupcake, cookies, long loaf bread, biscuits, etc.

Finished products
finished products

Machine details of cookies dough depositor

PLC touch screen

The language can customize. The system can set the cake size, direction, refine shapes, forming, and conveying speed. It is automatic and easy to operate. The main button switch is TURN ON/OFF and EMERGENCY STOP.


The container is mainly for making cake shapes. The tray’s shape and size can customize. And we provide trays of different materials, like Teflon, aluminum. Multiple outlet nozzles work at the same time, improving the machine efficiency.


This is made of thicker stainless steel 304 body, durable and stable. The hopper has a larger volume.

Chain (semi-automatic)

It keeps the conveyor belt running.

Regulator (semi-automatic)

This regulator could adjust the height of the cake feeder discharge port.

Industrial cupcake injecting machine display
industrial cupcake injecting machine display