Lumpia Wrapper Machine sold to Thailand

lumpia wrapper machine sold to Thailand

Spring roll, also known as lumpia, is a famous pastry food in many regions. The lumpia wrapper machine could make all sizes of spring roll wrappers, injera, roast duck pancake, and other pastry. Recently, we successfully sold a lumpia wrapper machine to Thailand.

Vietnamese spring roll is a Vietnamese folk snack. They are wrapped in transparent and flexible Vietnamese rice paper with various fillings such as seafood and vegetables, dipped in lemon juice, fish sauce, and millet pepper. It is refreshing and delicious, attractive in color, and rich in nutrients. The filling can be changed as you like.

Application of spring roll wrapper machine thailand
application of spring roll wrapper machine Thailand

Lumpia wrapper machine Thailand case details

At the end of August, we received an inquiry from a Thailand customer about the Lumpia wrapper machine. Because the spring roll wrapper machine is suitable for lumpia wrappers, injera sheets, pretzels, egg cakes, and other raw materials. And our spring roll wrapper making machine could make different sizes and shapes of products. Therefore, we first inquired about the customer’s size and shape of the spring roll wrapper. After learning that the customer’s demands, we recommended the TZ-3620 type of machine, which could make 25cm lumpia wrappers, to him.

Lumpia wrapper machine thailand
lumpia wrapper machine Thailand

In the process of detailed communication with customers, we inevitably encountered customers’ questions about the spring roll wrapper machine.

FAQ about spring roll wrapper machine

How is it to control thickness?

The flour thickness and speed of spraying the flour decide the final product thickness.

How many liters or kg of material can TZ-8045 can put in one time?

We recommend using a 100 L barrel, around 2 hours finish.

Can the machine do 4 pcs 15*15cm?

Yes, of course.

Can you have a manual book for type 8045?

Yes, we have operated manual, Chinese, and English types.

What kind of gas must be used?

Nature gas 2.5-2.8cube/h, liquefied 2 kg/h.

How about the recipe?

1kg flour, 1.7kg water, 3g salt, 5g oil, 150g sweet potato starch.

How much heating plate one pcs?

One pcs 10 USD.

How about other spare parts?

Sensor, frequency convertor, pressure regulator.

Can the mold be made in different sizes?

No, if you want to change the size, you need to change the heating roller.

How long does the normal pastry last?


What is the use of the finished product?

In addition to spring roll skin, you can also make wonton skin.

Can we have a fully automated spring roll machine?


What is the working temperature?

First, warm up to 100 degrees, then work, normal 70-90 degrees.

Can the 3620 model be made square?


Can the machine be square and round?

Only the 5029 model can be used, which is the electromagnetic induction model but is more expensive.

Can the machine display the number of sheets per hour?

Yes, the machine with a counting system.

Machine Weight

Total weight 260kg 520kg 700kg 850kg.

How many wooden cartons are needed for a complete set of machines?

2 wooden cartons.