Tortilla Making Machine delivered to Nigeria

Tortilla Making Machine Nigeria

The tortilla making machine can make multiple pancakes, chapati bread, egg rolls, tortillas, and others. And the machine combines dough cutting, tortilla bread forming and baking, cooling functions. And there are several models and capacities for choice. Recently, we have a tortilla making machine exported to Nigeria case.

Tortilla making machine Nigeria case details

At the end of August, we received an inquiry from a Nigerian customer about the tortilla bread machine. Because the roti bread maker is suitable for making roast duck pancakes, egg rolls, pancakes, spring roll wrappers, and other types of pastry food. And we have tortilla making machines with different capacities and sizes. Therefore, we first inquired about the customer’s size demand for finished products. After learning that the customer’s production demands, we recommended the 350 tortilla maker machine to him.

Tortilla making machine delivered to nigeria
Tortilla Making Machine delivered to Nigeria

Advantages of roti bread maker machine Nigeria

  • The automatic chapati making machine can make roast duck pancakes, tortilla bread, roti bread, and other pastry food.
  • Beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, high-quality stainless steel, cast aluminum material.
  • The speed is fast, the heating temperature and heating time are preset, and then pressing and heating work can be completed within the set time (only a few seconds).
  • High efficiency, can make a thousand cakes per hour. Low cost, power consumption is less than 1 yuan per thousand sheets.
  • The shape is good, and the roast duck cake made by the machine mold is uniform in thickness, smooth and round, evenly heated, and has a better taste.
Chapati pancake
chapati pancake
  • The operation is simple. When using, turn on the power switch, set the heating time and heating temperature, press the mold start switch, the cake press mold is pressed, and it will automatically reset when the set time is completed.
  • a high degree of automation. The temperature control meter displays the upper and lower heating temperatures. It will automatically stop heating when it reaches the set temperature, and automatically energize and heat when it is lower than the set temperature.