Dough Divider Machine for Sale

pizza dough divider rounder machine

Many people wonder what a dough divider rounder is. Generally speaking, automatic dough dividers are machines used in bakeries. It is a machine that uses the blade inside to cut the dough into equal-sized pieces. Using a commercial dough divider machine can greatly save manpower and time. It has been widely used in major bakeries.

How does a dough divider work?

  1. The main function of the bread divider machine is to automatically divide the fermented dough into a certain size of dough according to its volume.
  2. The bread divider machine pushes the material tray up and down through the working table, so that the material is in contact with the block machine and finally achieves equal block division.
  3. The dough divider can cut the dough into equal parts, and the weight of the divided dough (filling) is accurate. This ensures that the size and color of the product are standardized.
Continuous pizza dough divider rounder machine
Continuous Pizza Dough Divider Rounder Machine

What are the uses of the dough divider rounder machine?

This machine is suitable for the continuous production of many different products, including bread, steamed bread, pizza, dough, moon cake skin, hemp balls, etc. A large-scale pizza dough rounder machine can be used in pastry food processing plants and a small-scale pizza dough rounder machine can be used in bakeries or homes. In addition, this machine is also suitable for restaurants, canteens, food factories, and other pastry and baked goods industries

Finished products of dough divider rounder
Finished Products Of Dough Divider Rounder

Dough divider machine for sale

The price of the dough divider machine depends on many factors. We need to understand your production needs, the country, and other factors to give a specific quotation. The following are the specific parameters of our machine.

Main power400W
Cutting blade power180W
Packing size655066cm
Overall weight70kg
Structure of commercial dough divider machine
Structure Of Commercial Dough Divider Machine

Features of dough divider and rounder machine

  1. The fuselage is made of food-grade stainless steel accessories and materials, and the shape is beautiful and elegant.
  2. The blade, tray and protective cover are all made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable.
  3. Using a high-quality motor, low noise.
  4. Cut evenly, non-adhesion, safe and hygienic.
  5. The operation is simple, with automatic segmentation, and small error, to avoid man-made unequal size.
  6. The dough divider rounder works smoothly and has low noise, which greatly improves the work efficiency.