How does a rack oven work? Working principle of rotary bakery oven

rotary rack oven

Rack oven can bake cupcakes, bread, pizza, duck, meat, peanuts, and other food. It can match with other machines in a cupcake production line. And this automatic rotary bakery oven machine can also use as a single machine in many food processing. So there is necessary to know how does a rack oven work.

Rotary bakery oven structure

The rack oven includes a baking rack, the oven body, baking trays, a smart control panel. Customers could buy two sets of baking frame and trays so they could improve the working efficency. And there is an intelligent control system, which could adjust the baking data and workers can easily learn to operate the machine.

How to use a rack oven?

The rotary bakery oven is simple to operate and mainly applies in restaurants, bakery shops, and baking plant. And there are serveral points need to focus in the machine operation. How does a rack oven work?

Heating resouces
heating resouces

Firstly, multiple heating choice. The rack oven can heat through gas, electricity, and oil. So the customer could choose the cheapest heating resouces in his country so as to reduce costs.

Bakery frame
bakery frame

Secondly, replacable baking rack. Customers could fill cupcake trays while heating with another bakery rack. This will not waste the work time and increase the bakery speed.

Smart conrol panel
smart conrol panel

Thirdly, smart control. There is a intelligent control panel, which chould set the heating temperature and time. And there is instruction text beside the control button.